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State Management  Library For React And React Native Apps

How Eventrix library works

If you need to manage a state that is shared between services and components in an React app, Eventrix is the best solution available. Similar to a message broker for frontend with an addition allowing to manage the global states, it also enables these elements to communicate through events. The entire architecture is based on 4 elements.
eventrix flow state management diagram
eventrix flow state management diagram


Global state of an application managed by stateManager in the instance of Eventrix. State Manager emits events about the change of a state.


Receiver of events that can modify the state thanks to access to stateManager after registering it in the instance of Eventrix.


Scans for events in the instance of Eventrix in order to perform other actions.


Emits events through the instance of Eventrix.

These elements allow for communication between services and components in an app. According to the main assumption, services are supposed to register their receivers that would be responsible for receiving data from the server and transferring them to the global state. It is obvious that a receiver activates when it records an event that it is scanning for. Components should be tasked with emitting events and scanning for changes of the state as well as other emitted events.
Example React App

Alert management in React

Managing alerts in React can be effortless when the right technologies are utilized. Selecting Eventrix React library and MUI is a good example. Thanks to using them, alerts can be managed effortlessly.

Example React App

Manage users list and form in React

Check out a sample user list management application based on the Eventrix React state management library and forms.

Example React App

How to manage state in React

Check out how easy it is to manage the global application state with Eventrix. Based on the example of an”to do list”, you will find out how easy it is.


What our Customers Say

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Eventrix like a states management library for React solves the problem of sharing information between elements of the application, as well as communication between them. This open source library is suitable for both very large and small applications. Eventrix enables flexible expansion of the global state as well as enables greater control over the data flow in the application.


Eventrix was created to facilitate state management in frontend applications (primarily for React and React Native apps).

Communication between elements

The assumption of the library is to enable easy state management in the application as well as communication between its elements without using state.

Generic funcionalities

The ability to create generic functionalities that can communicate with each other in a way that does not depend. Thanks to this solution, we can create an application that is resistant to errors in its other elements.

Redux adapter

Adapter for redux to replace redux with Eventrix in simple applications that do not use additional redux libraries.

Scalable solution

As a universal tool for both small (simple) projects and larger solutions consisting of several dozen modules and design services, it is a scalable solution for precise state management of react applications


Greater control of data flow thanks to additional tools (devtools) and a small threshold of entry (small amount of code to write).

Eventrix has already been used in several global commercial solutions.

eventrix state management library for react

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